A Night on

Buddy's Bench

an evocative story about love, grief and finding peace at the end of life

Finding Peace on Buddy’s Bench

In hope of solving the ultimate mystery "why do we die?" an Old Man ventures out late at night to Buddy’s bench, drawn by rumors of its kind resident Spirit. Unsure what he believes or where to begin, he experiences a profound realization that fills his heart with peace.
A Night on Buddy's Bench is a picture book and audio CD designed to help initiate end-of-life conversations that can comfort both the living and the dying. With its heart-felt words and beautiful watercolors, A Night on Buddy's Bench is perfect for sharing with family members or friends ho are in hospice or dealing with loss or for contemplative reading. 
Excerpt from A Night on Buddy's Bench
“It is truly a heart-warming experience. It is beautifully written. A combination of words that go straight to the heart in a very gentle way. It caresses you to an obvious end. We all know we are going to die.”
Larry Bell, Wordsmith, Washington DC

Spirit Calling

This short film introduces the spirit that inhabits the bench - what we might find when we are called to face, find meaning in, and be transformed by our grief.
"she reminds you that 
the gift of grief is a great mystery
when we face it
when we allow ourselves to
wrestle with it
when we allow grief to flow
through us
it can release us to know
the rhythms of life
where strength and courage
can be found"
“The flowing composition of life, color, shade and illumination, together with a gently yet deeply affecting poetic text - that suggests but does not define, encourages but does not explain - these qualities I found uniquely and surprisingly illuminating in those areas of grief which I realize I had thought were mine alone and hidden from the world, yet which turn out to be a universal
feature of what it is to be human."
Film Review - Chris Rose, MDesRCA, FRSA, Rhode Island School of Design

A Collaboration with Hospice

The author donates all proceeds from sales of A Pilgrim’s Guide and Buddy’s Bench to the National Hospice Foundation and HPCANYS, which is  disseminating the book, guide, and Spirit Calling film to its member hospices as resource materials for grief work.
These resources will be used to help staff, volunteers, and family members engage in their own conversations about end-of-life issues, death, grief, loss, and the transformation that life offers.
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"Grief is a universal experience, yet each time it comes to us we face it uniquely and alone. This guide invites us to wade gently into the process with intimacy and grace, sensing that perhaps we are not alone after all."
Steve Jarose, Minister of Science Church, Hospice Volunteer

A Pilgrim’s Way through Grief –

A Guide to A Night on Buddy’s Bench

A Pilgrim’s Way through Grief is a collaboration with the Hospice Palliative Care Association of New York State. (HPCANYS). The guide in Section One (The Journey) explores the story of Buddy’s Bench and the author’s own experiences in facing grief as a pilgrimage. Section Two (The Practice) explores ways to use Buddy’s Bench in one-on-one encounters, groups sessions, and as a springboard for journaling and artistic expressions as forms of healing.
To read HPCANYS endorsement, click here.

The Journal

A small journal booklet (60 pages) designed for Pilgrims to record and/or draw about their experience of being called to the bench, to face one’s own or another death … being on the bench wrestling with loss and grief, making meaning and … returning from the bench, transformed, holding grief and gratitude together...

"My mom died in December, my dad seemed to be in declined ... A Night on Buddy’s Bench led my soul, and inspired me to write." -Reader

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