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A Night on Buddy's Bench Press
All proceeds donated to Hospice

The hardcover 40-page book features watercolor illustrations by Anne Bonville Trombly and includes the Audio version in CD and an mp3 download code.

If you would like to order more than 5 books, email for special rates.


The audio version is available as an  mp3 download, and includes four tracks:

Track 1 - Audiobook Version

Track 2 - Song: "Oh Sun I Love You So"

Track 3 - Meditation Sounds and Music

Track 4 - Interview with the Author

Pilgrim's Way through Grief
SHop - Guide
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 A Pilgrim’s Way through Grief – A Guide to a Night on Buddy’s Bench 

explores grief as pilgrimage and shares insights and ideas for facilitating

discussions with those in grief. The thirty-six page softcover includes evocative artwork from A Night on Buddy’s Bench. 

Shop - Journal
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I offer these pages to you as I would offer a walking stick to a pilgrim on a long journey. May these pages become a companion to you. May the blank space beckon the part of your soul wanting to be known. May you find expression for what can’t be explained. May you allow the gentleness and caring that’s tucked below the pain to come through to hold you. .

"My dad, 88, is very isolated and beginning to think practically about the end of his life. I have always tried to push this kind of talk away, preferring to think that my dad is a long way from death and we don't need to have this kind of conversation yet. As a result of reading A Night on Buddy's Bench I decided to welcome his comments about the end of his life and to actively take on sorting out practical details relating to his death. I think he has already noticed this change in attitude and it is taking a weight off his mind." 
Social Worker
Spirit Calling Shop
Shop - spirit calling
Spirit Calling

Free download: please find the download button in the

lower right corner of the screen after pressing play. 


This short film portrays an embodied spirit who calls you to the bench to face your loss and grief, inviting you to stay and wrestle with your loss, so that you might find meaning and solace and then return, holding together the grief and gratitude that is your life.

This 6-minute film is offered for FREE in hopes that you will consider making a donation of any amount to HPCANYS here. Thank you.

“The flowing composition of life, color, shade and illumination, together with a gently yet deeply affecting poetic text - that suggests but does not define, encourages but does not explain - these qualities I found uniquely and surprisingly illuminating in those areas of grief which I realize I had thought were mine alone and hidden from the world, yet which turn out to be a universal
feature of what it is to be human."
Film Review - Chris Rose, MDesRCA, FRSA, Rhode Island School of Design
Shop Complete Wors
Complete Set of Grief Works
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Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 6.27.59 PM.jpg

A Night on Buddy’s Bench – An End of Life Story (Hardcover with Audio Version)

A Pilgrim’s Way through Grief – A Guide to A Night on Buddy’s Bench

Spirit Calling video download


Thank you for the copy of Hearts Quarantined - Grief and Resilience Volume IV. You have a gift of poetically reaching out to people experiencing grief giving them a springboard to interpret for themselves their own path of healing. I think your small booklets would be a wonderful replacement for sympathy cards... reading them is “soothing to the soul”; like meditation, it can calm the mind, and allow a person an opportunity to breathe, just might be only a momentary respite, but one a person can return to, to relive, to take another step forward, when needed.

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